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First Maths Challenge – Year 3 and 4

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The First Maths Challenge is for years 3 and 4 only (in years 5 and 6 they can take part in the Primary Maths Challenge which we ran back in November).

The aim of the FMC is to challenge pupils’ mathematical thinking with 20 multiple choice questions in a range of different scenarios.

We would usually run this in school but seeing as we can’t do this, we thought it would be good to run last year’s challenge virtually just for fun!

If you child would like to take part here are the rules:

  • there are 20 questions and children get 45 minutes to answer as many as they can
  • no adult/sibling help is allowed – it must be all their own work to make it fair!
  • record answers clearly on a piece of paper

How to enter:

  • here is the question paper FMC_2019
  • send a photograph of your child’s answers to Mrs Oldrini via. Dojo by Wednesday 17th June at 12pm.
  • answers must be clear so I can mark them

The prize:

  • There will be a prize for the winner when we get back to school but a certificate will be sent out in the post 🙂

Good luck year 3 and 4!

Mrs Oldrini