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Welcome to Ashbourne Primary's Maths page!

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Welcome to Ashbourne Primary’s Maths page!


Maths at Ashbourne Primary School develops competent, confident and creative mathematicians.

Our work is underpinned by our vision and aims: ‘Nurturing aspiration through happy, creative learning’. Our PRAISE aims are at the heart of every lesson and our focus on the removal of barriers to learning is firmly embedded into all areas of the maths curriculum.

At Ashbourne Primary School children are given the opportunity to experience maths in its rich variety. Children’s understanding is deepened by using practical equipment, a range of representations and models. The curriculum at APS promotes proficiency and fluency in arithmetic skills which gives children the confidence to apply their learning in reasoning and problem solving situations. Whilst at APS, children will have the opportunity to enjoy and demonstrate their maths learning outside lessons through mathematical challenges such as problem solving mornings and external competitions (the Primary Maths Challenge). Maths at APS encourages children to work both independently and collaboratively and to practice their skills across the curriculum.

Fantastic maths in year 6!

Putting into good use their coordinates skills in year 6! Do you recognise these faces???

Maths challenge results! Thanks to Tilly and Ghina from year 5 for their write up below!

Maths challenge – Kids’ takeover write up

On Tuesday 19th of November year 5 and 6 took part in a challenging maths challenge. Everyone tried their best and the winners were Dylan from 6S, Sam from 6D and Louix from 6S! Here are what some children thought about it!

Ghina: It was good and I enjoyed trying to work out the answers. Georgia: I thought it was a hard challenge but it was exciting as well! Tilly: It was a challenge for her yet she worked her socks off.
Georgina: The math challenge was brilliant!
Finley year 6: I would like to do it again and he really enjoyed it! Charlie year 6: It was great for him to do something different!

These are the winners’ opinions:
Louix: I thought it was VERY challenging and it tested my knowledge. It was fantastic and in the end it worked out well.
Sam: He enjoyed the challenge and I found it fun!

Please read this because your child might have taken part so make sure you do! Once again, thank you so much to all the children who took part and REALLY enjoyed it! A huge thank you to Mrs Oldrini the really kind teacher who gave up her time to print over 50 sheets of paper and more so a HUGE thank you!!!!!!! If you see her say thank you. She put lots of effort in it!

By Tilly and Ghina

Tuesday 19th November – Ashbourne Maths Challenge

44 year 5s and 6s have taken part in our maths challenge! We’re so pleased to see so many children take part and be so enthusiastic about their maths! Winners will be announced in our celebration assembly on Friday. 



Maths provision

Last week (12th November) our Maths governor Jeremy came to see the great things going on in maths across school. Here are a few examples of our practical maths. 

Year 4 and 5 have been using equipment to demonstrate their understanding of multiplication questions as part of our small steps learning. 

Here are our year 1s tackling some practical maths as part of their continuous provision in maths lessons:




Year 3/4/5 Times table Rockstars Battle – Well done to 4/5O the winners!

From the 18th to 23rd 3/4LT, 4/5O and 4/5C will compete in the Rockstars Battle of the classes to see who can gain the most points! Everyone needs to play and be as accurate as they can. The winning class will get a prize! 

Autumn 1

Monday 21st October

Statistics in Science!

As part of our learning about Animals and Humans, year 4 and 5 drew graphs to demonstrate their learning and present their research. The children really impressed us with their accuracy when calculating intervals and labelling. 

See the pictures below: