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Ashbourne Primary computing experts!
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Computing at Ashbourne Primary School fosters curiosity, enquiry and confidence by developing the skills pupils need in an ever-advancing technological world.

Our work is underpinned by our vision and aims: ‘Nurturing aspiration through happy, creative learning’. Our PRAISE aims are at the heart of every lesson and our focus on the removal of barriers to learning is firmly embedded into all areas of the Computing curriculum.

At Ashbourne Primary School, children are supported to develop skills across all areas of Computing, from information technology and coding to an understanding of how to keep safe in a digital world. Computing is embedded within all areas of the curriculum; children are taught skills discretely, but also given the opportunity to apply these in a variety of contexts. While they are at Ashbourne Primary School, every child will have the opportunity to develop their communication skills by using a diverse range of programs; for example, using stop motion animation to tell a story or using Scratch to develop a game or quiz about their learning in History or Geography. Computer Ambassadors from each Key Stage Two class help to support and promote Computing within the school. Links are also established with Queen Elizabeth Grammar School to enrich the curriculum with further coding opportunities, in order to raise aspirations and deepen community links. At Ashbourne Primary School, technology is used as a tool to both engage learners and enhance learning.

Computing scheme of work

Computing at Ashbourne Primary School

Using technology in the EYFS

In the EYFS, we use a range of Computing software on the interactive whiteboard to support our learning. We can also use a range of these programs on the computer, to develop our own interests and explore how we can present information in different ways. Computing is embedded into everything we do in the EYFS; it enhances and enriches our learning across all areas rather than being something which is taught discreetly.

Outside, we use our programmable and remote control toys to have fun and learn early coding skills, as well as using the BeeBots to do the same! We love taking our Computing learning outdoors and exploring technology in different ways.

We enjoy using technology to listen to stories and songs!

We also love using the iPads to play different technological games and to enhance our learning.

Computing in KS1

In Key Stage 1 the children have been finding out about lots of different types of information. They have sorted information into different types, such as pictures, text and video, and have thought about how they use information and technology in their own lives. We have learnt to log on to the computers and the importance of usernames and passwords in an increasingly technological society. Year 1 and 2 have also been developing their typing skills and learning to present information in different ways – using Microsoft Word to word process their work and learning to insert pictures.

When learning about online safety, we think about what information we can and can’t give out online, and who to talk to if we feel unsafe. We have explored when and how we can use the internet, and who we need to check with first.

We have also learnt about how computers communicate – they cannot think for themselves and so humans need to tell them what to do! We can do this through something called ‘coding’. The children began by programming each other – we learnt to write simple instructions, or code, for a partner so they can carry out a simple task. Then we began coding using the Scratch Jr app to create our own simple animations! We have learnt how code can be used to make objects move, make things appear and disappear on screen and also create sounds.

Computing in KS2

In Key Stage 2 we have been exploring how the internet allows people to communicate in different ways. This has been particularly relevant during our whole school Communication topic. We have been learning how different words might produce different search results, as well as deciding which information is the most reliable. We know not everything online is a reliable source!

We have also been working on becoming Computer Programmers, using coding to help program robots and using Scratch to make our own games and quizzes. In Year 6, we have used the iPads to create our own animations!

Online safety is an important part of our Computing learning, which we do combined with PSHE. We have explored how to keep safe online, and what to do if we find ourselves with a problem online.

Year 3 have also been learning about Online Safety, with Smartie the Penguin to help them!

Year 5 have been busy working on their word processing and typing skills, writing up their own newspaper reports using Microsoft Word.

They’ve also been developing their coding skills, creating their own quizzes using Scratch and testing them with their friends!