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PRAISE at Ashbourne Primary

Our school aims are centred around the word PRAISE:
•Perseverance – keep on going when the going gets tough
•Respect one another, your school and your own education
•Attention – manage your distractions, keep focussed
•Independence – Use the Actions 4 Achievement strategy and move on your own learning
•Self-motivated – work hard, not a second wasted
•Explain your learning and show your progress.

PRAISE pupils meet all of our PRAISE aims ALL of the time!

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Our PRAISE pupils are:

  • Zak Foster
  • Elsie Robson
  • Filip Polaszek
  • Alfie Wood
  • Joshua Smith
  • Charlie Mallisch
  • Poppy Haymes
  • Rohith Sakthimohan
  • Rose Davis
  • Bethany Conway
  • Freya Ratcliffe
  • Lena Rakowska
  • Poppy Roberts
  • Eliana Cresswell
  • Sam Waring

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Self motivation






Explain your learning