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Child and Family Wellbeing Leader

We are keen to support our parents as well as our children. If you have personal issues which you would like to discuss in confidence please contact our Child and Family Wellbeing Leader

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Mrs Walters and Mrs Blake can help support with issues regarding behaviour at home and can signpost you to other organisations which may be able to help.

Early Help Offer

As part of our Early Help Offer, Mrs Walters and Mrs Blake are available during the holidays to support families


Feedback from other parents

‘It was helpful and reassuring to talk to Mrs Walters. It has been good to have someone to discuss issues with without bothering the teacher.’

‘In my opinion Jayne Walters is an asset to the school. She is professional, understanding and caring and without her support and help I don’t think our family would have got through a difficult time without her.’

‘Mrs Walters phoned me as promised. She listened to what I had to say and made suggestions to help me deal with the issues. It is reassuring that there is a ‘mother figure’ at school that the children can go to.’

‘Jayne is very approachable and nothing is too big a problem or too small a problem for her to help with.’

Ashbourne Primary School Early Help Offer Sept 2021