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Our whole school diversity topic focuses on ourselves and our family, local and UK diversity, global diversity.

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Year 2 – China

Children in Year 2 created their own diversity paper doll chain including a range of appearances and personalities.

Children used a Venn Diagram to look at differences and similarities between people.

Children in Year 2 learnt all about China with its different cultures and traditions.


Year 5 – Anti-racism

In PSHE Year 5 learned about racism and the impact of racism. They learned about Rosa Parks and standing up against prejudice. They also learned about racism in schools and what can be done about it.


Year 6 – World War 2

For their WW2 topic, Year 6 researched and presented their findings on the roles of women in the war effort and how the perception of women changed. They linked this to challenging gender stereotypes.

They wrote poems about respect and thought carefully how we treat different people and how everyone should be treated equally regardless of their gender, race, religion, age etc.

In Literacy , they have learnt about the Holocaust and the terrible treatment of the Jewish Community. They wrote some exceptionally emotive poems about this topic.

The children produced some fantastic artwork to accompany a piece of poetry about the Holocaust. They children used a mix of pastels and oil pastels.

Year 6 children were tasked with writing a diary from the perspective of a Jewish person in hiding.

In PSHE they were thinking about how damaging stereotypes can be to certain groups of people.