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Communication Topic 2020-21

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Communication Topic Review:

Communication Topic Review



Reception Pupil Voice – The children in Miss Toone’s class enjoyed a range of activities including “Singing nursery rhymes, Our Christmas show, Our Harvest song, Talking games, Show and tell, Sharing our photos from home”. 

Communicating when playing shops

Sharing and Celebrating Achievements

Communicating in the Small World Area

Year 1/2

Year 1 Pupil Voice – The children in 1/2ET think their communication skills have really improved.

“Yes! We have got better at listening to other people. We know that we need to not shout. We have got better at acting and using our voices to explain what is happening at the same time. We have learnt to recite poems without the paper in front of us and to use expression and actions!”

PSHE – Respect

PSHE – Manners

No Pens Day Wednesday

Role Play

Writing Independent Sentences

Year 2

Year 2 Pupil Voice – The children in 2DT could give lots of examples when asked what communication is, including, “ It is learning to speak loud and clearly. We listen to each other. We can communicate with our friends. It’s how you hold your body when speaking and actions. It’s acting and speaking a poem. You need to take turns and not talk over each other.”

Poetry Performance

No Pens Day Wednesday

No Pens Day Wednesday


Outdoor Learning

Online Safety and Online Communication

Christmas Class Performance

Year 3

Year 3 Pupil Voice – All the children in 3M think their communication in school has improved. The children could talk about lots of opportunities they’ve had for communication including, “No pens day Wednesday, talking homework, we learnt a poem and performed to Reception, Bhangra dancing, show and tell, writing a secret agent adventure story in Literacy, GRID player with Miss Austin, we learnt how to use hieroglyphics in History, we talk to each other every day (lots!), In PE OAA we solved lots of problems as a team, we learnt about Online Safety, we took part in Anti-Bullying week and odd socks day, and we enjoyed our PSHE lessons with Mrs Walters!”

Poetry Performance

Online Poetry session with the poet Joshua Seigal

No Pens Day Wednesday

Online Safety and Online Communication PE – Working as a team in Outdoor Adventurous Activities

Talking Homework

Year 4

Year 4 Pupil Voice – There were lots of positive comments from the children in 4C. The children think their communication at home has improved because, “Me and my brother have started speaking a lot more. I feel like I already communicated well when I was at home. I feel like I am better at reading out loud.”

Online Poetry session with the poet Joshua Seigal

Poetry Performance

Drama Performance in Literacy


No Pens Day Wednesday

Group work in Science

Presenting in class

Year 5

Year 5 Pupil Voice – The children in 5O had really good ideas for what communication is. “It is talking to other people, facial expressions and body language, sharing your opinions and emotions, listening to others and showing respect.”

Chatty Wednesdays

Poetry Performance

Sending Christmas Cards to a local Care Home

Individual Poetry Recitals to the class


Year 6

Year 6 Pupil Voice – The children in 6D and 6VA could talk about lots of opportunities for communication including, “In RE we worked together in groups to research (for an argument). We also produced stained glass windows (Christianity) and geometric patterns (Islam) so we were expressing ourselves through art. In DT, we worked in teams to design, create and test our contraption. In Literacy we created an individual story map for Hamlet and a group one for A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We’ve also had opportunities for drama including freeze frames. In PE we had to communicate when playing Scorpion Volleyball.”

Online Poetry session with the poet Joshua Seigal

Anti-Bullying Week

Online Safety – Private and Personal Information


Literacy – Presenting a story map

Literacy – A story map of Hamlet