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Communication Topic 2019-20

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Communication Topic Review

EYFS child – ‘We sing altogether in my class. We sang nursery rhymes all week. I can remember all 3.’

Year 2 child – ‘We had a topic about communication and they gave me talking homework. In school I learnt a lot of words so we played I-spy at home and not everyone guessed my words.’

Year 4 child ‘I have become more confident putting up my hand in class.’

Year 5 child – ‘We have more to talk about at home now!’

year 6 child – ‘Talking homework made my family closer.’

One child in Yr6 said that talking helped language – ‘the more you talk, the more you understand’.



Years 1 and 2


Explorers Show and Tell

 PSHE – People who help us  Online Communication
Show and Tell Using directional language in Geography Speaking and Listening Homework

Years 3, 4 and 5

Whole-School Poetry Assembly Online Communication Child-led Assembly

Year 6

Performing Shakespeare on stage at Derby Theatre Having a backstage tour at Derby Theatre Online Communication
Outdoor Learning Whole-School Poetry Assembly Talking Homework
A class storyboard of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ A letter from Ophelia to Polonius (Hamlet) Stop Motion ICT based on a scene from Hamlet

Communicating in the Community

Visit to Ashbourne Library  Christmas Service at Church  Christmas Service at Church
Delivering Christmas cards to the community

Pupil voice with Mr Tabony (Chair of Governors and communications governor) and Mr Torr (Vice Chair of governors)

  • After just a few minutes of starting the interview ALL the children displayed a willingness to engage in the process. The confidence shown by them in answering questions and the thoughtfulness they displayed in doing so was worthy of much older children. Moreover, they were also respectful of others when listening to, or answering, questions.
  • The topic had made them think of what different forms communication might entail.
  • It was felt by the children that the “Talking Homework” undertaken had helped communication at home. They noted that, initially, it could sometimes require an effort to talk to parents and siblings, however all now agreed that it was beneficial and had led to increased discussions at home. Interestingly, children also noted that initially parents could find it difficult to start or enter into discussion with them and had to learn and develop along with their offspring!
  • The amount of time the children said they spent on electronic devices was less than we might have expected. They also said that parents monitored how long they spent on these devices and had set up them up to block inappropriate content.
  • Most seemed aware of the basic rules to follow in order to stay safe online.
  • The creation by our pupils of a set of rules to enable them to stay safe online and the requirement for every pupil to sign them is an interesting initiative.
  • Virtually all the children felt that the topic had been helpful for them, especially in increasing their self-confidence.