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MFL – Spanish


MFL (Modern Foreign Language) at Ashbourne Primary School lays the foundations for a life-long love of language learning.

Our work is underpinned by our vision and aims: ‘Nurturing aspiration through happy, creative learning’. Our PRAISE aims are at the heart of every lesson and our focus on the removal of barriers to learning is firmly embedded into all areas of the MFL curriculum.

At Ashbourne Primary School children will develop their curiosity and understanding of the world and its people through learning Spanish. Whilst learning a foreign language, children will gain an appreciation of different cultures and communities around the world. This will build upon our whole-school focus on diversity. Our children are lucky enough to deepen their understanding through lessons delivered by a Spanish speaker which provides them with an authentic experience both linguistically and culturally. Over their time at Ashbourne Primary all children will develop confidence, fluency and spontaneity in Spanish.

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