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Year 2 Class Page

Welcome to the year 2 class page.
Our teachers are Miss Davis and Mrs Thornley

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Autumn Term 1 – Wellbeing

 Class topic – happiness  

This half term we will be using Happily Ever After texts linked to our topic of happiness and wellbeing. Firstly, we will study the story of Cinderella and begin to explore different character’s feelings. We will also use the story of Snow White this half term. The children will describe the evil Queen as well as use a range of vocabulary and punctuation to write an alternative ending.

 Yoga Bugs  Hatching chicks  Acts of kindness


Autumn Term 2 – Communication

Class topic – Explorers

As part of our Explorers topic and Communication, we have explored the use of maps and their key features. We have created maps of our school to help us explore using directional language. We have used aerial photographs of the local area to help us explore and find clues left for us around Ashbourne!

Communication – show and tell

We have been exploring different places with our family and telling our classmates all about it!

Communicating in the community! We made Christmas cards to deliver to our local businesses.


Spring Term 1 – Diversity

Class topic – London and Africa

We have been learning to use maps and atlases to locate the UK and Europe,  name and locate the world’s seven continents and five oceans.

We have been learning all about Tingatinga art. Tingatinga is a painting style widely used across Africa; particularly in Kenya and Tanzania. The style of art is named after the Tanzanian painter Edward Tingatinga.


We’ve been finding out about the capital cities in the UK.