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Escape from the Castle

Solve one room per day or, if you get the bug, do them one after the other. If you can’t see how to do one, try something – put in some numbers and see if it works out.

Each day, the answer number is needed in the next day’s puzzle – so keep it!

In the solution, some children have explained how they solved the puzzle of each room.

Good Luck!


Escape from the Castle solution


Murder Mystery

First, you will need to look at the list of suspects (print it if you can) and the instructions.

As you solve each clue, you will be able to cross off some of the suspects eg. if you find out the person is Male, you can cross off all the Females.

Again, you could do one clue per day, or do them all at once if you’re enjoying it!

Have fun!

Suspect profiles & instructions






Murder Mystery solutions