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Complete the fluency, problem solving and reasoning questions. Then have a go at the problems.

Thursday LC and MC

Thursday and Friday answers



Literacy this week is a daily reading comprehension using the text ‘The Cave’. Remember to read the text carefully, look up any words that you don’t understand using a dictionary and your written answers do not need to be in full sentences.

The Cave

Thursday Questions

Thursday Answers



The Literacy activities this week are reading based. We would still like you to read your own book daily. You could also listen to audio books using the links on the main Home Learning page.



We would like you to pick a country and find out as much as you can about that country. You will create a travel information book about your country (Multiple pages in your exercise book). We envisage this project talking three weeks, with you working on it for half an hour each day. We will begin the project this week and continue weeks 2 and 3 after the Easter holidays.

Geography Project – 3 weeks