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We would like you to continue practising telling the time (or solving time problems if you are confident) this week. Please spend 30 minutes each day on this with lots of practical practise!

If you are telling the time to quarter past/quarter to, the nearest 5 minutes, the nearest minute, you can use the resources from last week or if you have completed them all we have added some more here:

Quarter Past and Quarter To:

Fifteen-Minute Digital Times Activity Sheet with answers


Nearest 5 minutes:

Telling the Time in Five-Minute Intervals Activity Sheet with answers


Nearest minute:

Minutes Past the Hour Activity Sheet with answers Minutes to the Hour Activity Sheet with answers


If you are confident with telling the time to the nearest minute, you are going to complete some time problems/investigations. Please choose one sheet to work on per day.

5 on the Clock Investigation

Timetables Time Problems

Time Problems including Converting Time with answers

Solving Problems Involving Months, Weeks and Days with answers

Solve Problems Converting Between Units of Time with answers