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Spring 1

Unfortunately, we found ourselves in a national lockdown during Spring 1 but we carried on with our learning nonetheless! Our whole-school topic was 'Diversity' and our Year 6 topic was WW2. Below is a small selection of some of the work completed.

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In Literacy, we read: ‘Bombs & Blackberries: A World War Two Play’ by Julia Donaldson. During one of the weeks, the children were tasked with creating a storyboard.



In Topic, one of the lessons focused on significant events of WW2. After researching an event, the children were given the choice of how to present their findings.


Year 6 also looked at the role of women in WW2.



Year 6 were encouraged to create a daffodil to put in their window as a symbol of hope, new beginnings and spring. Their work was inspired by Paul Cummins MBE.