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Year 5 Class page

Welcome to the Year 5 page.
Our teacher is Mrs Oldrini.

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Spring 2 

When we returned to school, we continued with our history learning about the ancient Egyptians. We explored secondary sources and compared life then to life now. We explored the importance of mummification and created our own mummified tomatoes.

In literacy and story time, we read Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll and created  newspaper articles about the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb!

In PE we have been learning about fitness in our Indoor PE – each week completing activities to improve our scores. In outdoor PE we learned about team work and communication through OAA. Getting outside and active has been our focus since returning to school!

In music we completed our rhythm and timing work by perfecting ‘The Addams Family cup song’ which we played in an ensemble!

In computing we furthered our coding knowledge from year 4 and learned how to create quizzes. We debugged them and learned how to add scores, sound effects and movements to our sprites.

We also had our half termly outdoor learning session with Mrs Cresswell. Our focus for the afternoon on working as a team and having fun!

On the last day of term we had our Book Day and took part in our vocabulary parade!


Lockdown learning!

Spring 1 and 2 weeks of Spring 2

Our daily live lessons were such a success! Take a look at our lockdown learning photobook!

Lockdown learning



Autumn 2 – Communication update!

This half term has been a busy one – here are some of things we’ve been getting up to! We’ve really focused on communication skills, especially performance and using our voices in a positive way! We even took part in ‘No Pens Day’ on November the 25th to focus on social skills and speaking and listening skills.

Art – weaving!

Weaving – as part of our art this half term we have been learning to weave just like the Mayans would have. We are creating book marks!

Poetry Festival and Poet Visit

Thursday 19th November – we learned the poem ‘Just a book’ by Joshua Seigal to perform in our socially distanced poetry festival in school.

Friday 20th November – we had a virtual poetry session with award winning poet Joshua Seigal! We created our own poems, listened t Joshua perform and even performed ‘Just a book to him!’

This then led into a poetry unit on Japanese Renga poems. We created our own, art work to go with them and learned them off by heart. We performed them in a class assembly and recorded them. We then shared them with parents on Dojo.



As part of our History topic on the Mayans in one lesson we researched a part of Mayan life (e.g. writing, calendars etc) and created a mini presentation in groups. These were filmed as a mini class assembly on the Mayans. This was

Focus: listening skills, team work, verbal communication, performance skills

Communication in the Wider Community

We made Christmas cards and wrote messages to a local care home. We considered what was appropriate to say to a stranger and what was appropriate to people living in care. These were quarantined and sent to Milford Care.

Focus: communication in the wider communication, written communication skills

Chatty Wednesdays

Every 2 weeks on Wednesdays we researched a topic ready to discuss – called Chatty Wednesdays. We practised holding a conversation with someone new and asking follow up questions.

Focus: listening skills (eye contact, body language), verbal communication and team work.


In PSHE, we considered how to deal appropriately with adults we meet. We thought about how best to deal with situations which may arise in which we may need a strangers help and which adults we could trust. We also created positive rules for staying safe online. Every 3 weeks we have also had a session with Mrs Blake focusing on communicating our emotions with a focus on ‘using our voices’.




Autumn 2 – Communication 

This half term our whole school topic is communication and year 5 will focus on performance. As part of this we will be learning a poem off by heart and performing it for our school poetry festival. We are also taking part in no pens day on the 25th November.

In History we are learning about the Mayans. In Science we are learning about Materials and changing properties. In PSHE our focus will be online safety and anti bullying.

PE lessons are on Friday afternoons and this half term our focus is Netball.


Autumn 1 – well being

This half term our whole school topic is well being and year 5 will focus on ‘healthiness’. Take a look at what we’ve been up to in our photo book!

In PE we will learn about keep our bodies healthy and active and in PSHE we will learn about healthy eating and the benefits of a balanced diet.

PE lessons are on Friday afternoons.