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Year 4/5 Class Page

Welcome to the year 4/5 page.
Our teachers are Mrs Oldrini and Mr Clark

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Autumn 1 – wellbeing

class topic- mindfulness

Our School topic this is Well Being and our year 4/5 focus is Mindfulness. Every week we will look at aspects of mindfulness, meditation and yoga and how these can help us with our well being especially our emotional well being.

In RE we are learning all about the Hindu way of life and in Literacy we are reading Grandpa Chatterji by Jamila Gavin building up to writing our own adventures for Grandpa! Linked to our RE and Literacy learning, we are learning about India in Geography. We are also re-telling the Hindu epic Rama and Sita through dance in PE!


Our Autumn 1 Well Being whole school topic has come to an end and we learned so much from our mindfulness topic. We have taken part in regular meditation (often daily) and yoga sessions to develop our well being, focusing on how to recognise our emotions and deal with them in an effective way.

Here are some pictures of our yoga and meditation activities in action. We will be continuing these as part of our ongoing work on well being.

PE – dance

On Friday 18th October we finished our dances in PE which re-told the story of Rama and Sita – the story we had read in Whole Class Reading earlier in the term. We worked on transitions, freeze frames and a range of high/low movements. We worked hard and 4/5O performed to year 1 to prove it! The children were a credit and really worked on performance techniques – there wasn’t a giggle in sight!


The Bolds Live  Streaming from Southbank Centre in London

On Thursday 17th October at 11am we were lucky enough to watch a live streaming of the author and illustrator of The Bolds books – Julian Clary and David Roberts. It was great to get a first hand experience of an author and illustrator in action. We were treated to a reading from The Bolds by the author himsel, an illustration master class from David Roberts and a question and answer session. What a priceless experience which the children learned lots from and enjoyed! To tie in with this we bough 4 copies of the books which we are sharing around – the children are reading them quickly as they’re keen to read the next one in the series! In 4/5O we’re reading the World Book Day version to in story time at the end of the day!

India Day – Monday 14th October

For our India day we cooked potato curry together and all the children made their own chapatis! We sat on the floor to eat in a traditional Indian way. We also learned about Rangoli and the importance of the patterns for Hindus during Diwali. We also go to learn and perform a Bhangra Dance which years 3, 4 and 5 showed to parents at the end of the day. The children enjoyed the day, developed confidence in performing and learned a new cooking skill! Thank you to Veejay from Dance Sansaar in Birmingham for his expertise!


Autumn 2 – Whole School Topic Communication (Online)

History: Romans

Our Autumn 2 whole school topic is Communication and our year 4/5 focus is Online Safety. We will be developing our written and verbal communication skills through our topic on the Romans and we will have a dedicated online safety week to develop our online safety communication. The children will also develop their communication skills through performances created for assemblies to classes and the school demonstrating their learning in history.

The children have each set their own communication target around speaking in front of an audience.

Both classes have an outdoor learning session linked to communication this term. These sessions will focus on verbal communication and listening through team activities.

Outdoor PE this term is Invasion games/Throwing and Catching

Indoor PE this term is gymnastics building up to a performance as part of our KS2 Gymnastics Festival on December 10th. We are learning key gymnastic skills such as turns, pikes and straddles and applying them through matching and mirroring positions and using different equipment. The children will create routines of their own to perform using the skills.

Art this term is linked to our history learning. The children will experiment with printing techniques and repeated patterns to create a small scale mosaic print.

Science this term is based on Forces. We will be conducting investigations in to gravity and friction and our findings will be presented in our Science Big Book.

Music this term is notation. We will be learning about beats and notes on a stave.


Kids’ takeover – Science day

On Wednesday  18th of December we learned about forces. The first force we learned about we did was gravity and we did some questions about gravity .The second thing we did was air resistance and made 3 parachutes with different material or different size to see which would fall the slowest. We put everything in our class science big book.

What is a force? A force is a push, a pull, a stretch or a squeeze.

By Charlie and Harvey

Kids’ Takeover – Panto at Derby Arena

On Wednesday 11th December we went to Derby Arena to see Peter Pan. Everyone was waiting for the actors to come on to the stage to perform. The people on stage were very funny but the parrot was the funniest. 4/5O loved Aunt Hilda because every time she came on stage she had a crazy outfit. Peter Pan and Wendy soared over head like TinkerBell. Macaw and Aunt Hilda were joking about the plastic bottles. When the parrot asked Aunt Hilda if she swam in the sea she said, “No it was febreezing!” and held up a febreeze bottle! Another good part was when the lost boys made a Wendy House for Wendy. Most of the time we were laughing our heads off. We all loved the show. It was great.

By Poppy and Violette


As part of our communication topic, the children will be reporting back on our learning using verbal and written communication. They will take over the communication on the website and on our ClassDojo pages. This week is the turn of year 5’s Georgina and Lily. They’ve written a summary of our first week’s learning….

For the past few weeks we have been learning about the Romans. We have started to read a book called Escape from Pompeii and in reading we have learnt facts about Emperors, invasions and conquering of countries. We performed the Roman time – line in front of the whole class. We researched Slaves, Gladiators and Children but we are doing Slaves and Gladiators in groups and Children in groups. We also looked at the differences of citizens and non – citizens and the way people are treated.

Autumn 2 – History Lesson 1: 

As part of our introduction to our history focus on the Romans, the children learned the difference between BC and AD and how timelines work. We worked as a class to order important historical events and placed the Romans in their historical place. The children then had key Roman dates to order in groups. Each child then chose a date to learn off by heart. The groups then had to perform their timeline to the class in correct order and speak confidently.

The children then had to demonstrate their learning independently by ordering the events in their own books and create their own timeline.

The children did a fab job!



Spring 1 whole school topic – Diversity

Year 4/5 focus – Islam

Our Spring 1 topic is diversity. We will be learning all about what makes us different and unique. We will focus on Islam but will be reading stories from other cultures and about difference.

We learned about fasting and Ramadan. The children have chosen a bad habit to try to give up or something they would like to achieve in 30 day’s time. The children have had sweets out in front of them to help them begin to understand he difficulties of fasting, resisting temptation and patience.






















Outdoor PE lessons are on Thursdays and Indoor PE lessons are on Fridays. This half term we are learning about Outdoor Advernturous Activites and Dance.