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Literacy: Today and tomorrow we will be revising a range of year 4 and 5 grammar objectives. There is a year 4 mat and year 5 mat. For each mat choose from the 1, 2 or 3 star activity. Answers are provided.
Year 4 summer term 2 Mat 4
Year 5 Summer Term 2-SPaG Activity Mats Mat 4

Reading: Today is all about summarising what you have read. Choose from the year 4 or year 5 text to read. Look out on Dojo for a Powerpoint to help you with this.

Year 4: Charlie Brooke

Year 5: Charlie Brooke

Maths: Today you must do the challenge for the year group you are in. This week we would like you to pick topics you feel you need to practise so there will be a range of activities per day. 

Year 4: choose from multiplying OR try the activity mat which covers lots of topics (there are 3 challenges to choose from 1, 2 or 3 stars – you only need to do one)

Year 4 multiplication Tuesday
Year 4 multiplication answers


Year 5: choose from multiples OR try the activity mat which covers lots of topics

This page will help if you need to revise what multiples are:

year 5 multiples Multiples answers


Creative: How many times can you complete the ‘sock ladder challenge’?