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Literacy: Today’s challenge is all about tenses.  There are LC and MC challenges on the sheet and answers are at the end.

Wednesday tenses challenges

Reading: Today’s reading is all about inference from sentences. You have some sentences to read and you need to use the clues to answer the questions.

Wednesday inference sentences
Wednesday inference sentences ANSWERS

Maths: We are continuing with time. If you cannot tell the time, you need to ask an adult to help you learn this before doing any of the challenge sheets. Again there are LC and MC sheets to choose from. You may need an adult to help you.

LC – reading the time to the nearest minute. Answers on the last 2 pages.
LC Wednesday telling the time

MC – years, months, weeks and days
Wed MC Years, months, weeks and days 2020
MC Wed ANSWERS years, months


Creative: Today your PE challenge is:

How many star jumps can you complete in 1 minute?

Watch the clip below before completing your activity.