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Literacy: Today is all about determiners. I will put a PPT on Dojo to help with this.

Tuesday grammar determiners

Reading: Today we will look at using clues to infer. There are 2 pictures again to look at.

Tuesday picture inference new
Tuesday picture inference ANSWERS

Maths: Today and the rest of the week is about telling the time. Choose from the LC or MC. You might need an adult to help you. LC is about reading a clock to the nearest 5 minutes and MC is all about hours minutes and seconds. If you can’t tell the time please work on this with an adult – do not try the challenge sheets

LC 5 minutes
MC Hours, minutes and seconds 2020
MC ANSWERS Hours, minutes and seconds 2020

Creative: Today your PE challenge is:

How many sit-ups can you complete in 1 minute?

Again, you can have three attempts and record your best outcome.