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Literacy: For Literacy today you have a choice of 2 activities. You can do the sentence stacking creative writing OR you can do a grammar quiz, choosing from the year 4 or 5 test. Don’t worry if there are any questions you cannot do – you might not have been taught it yet! If you need help message your class teacher.
Lesson clip:
Film Clip:

Grammar year 4: Year 4 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 1
Grammar year 5: Year 5 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 1

Reading: This week is all about using clues to make inferences. Today you have to look for the clues in 2 pictures.
Monday picture inference
Monday picture inference ANSWERS

Maths: Choose from the year 4 or 5 arithmetic. Dojo your teacher if you need any help or look at the arithmetic methods tab on the home learning home page! As usual there are 2 half tests for year 4 to complete. Answers are on the last page.




Creative: Each day this week there will be a PE challenge to complete. Today the challenge is:

How many press-ups can you complete in 1 minute?

You can have three attempts. Record your best attempt and send it to your class teacher.

Good luck!