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Literacy: for the rest of the week we will be looking at poetry. Today is all about planning your poem!

Wednesday poetry planning

Reading: Today we are focusing on retrieval skills. Choose from the year 4 or year 5 task.

Year 4: The Rats of Newtown

Year 5:The Rats of Franchville


Maths: Today you must do the work assigned to your year group as year 4s will do some of this next year and we want to avoid repetition. 

Year 4 – we will be following some of the week 10¬†WhiteRose home learning activities. Click on the link and watch the clip called lesson 2 comparison sum and difference then complete the sheet. You don’t need to watch the lesson if you feel confident and can just do the sheet. Remember to look at week 10!

Lesson 2 – Comparison sum and difference

Lesson 2 yr4 answers


Year 5: Today we are looking at statistics. For this lesson you could look at the year 4 week 10 lesson 4 to help you

Y5 Autumn Block 3 WO3 Use line graphs to solve problems 2019

Lesson 2 yr5 answers

Creative: This week we would like you to complete a range of different activities from home. These range from household chores to creative challenges. Open up the document below to reveal the different activities. Enjoy!

Creative tasks