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Literacy: Today you have some punctuation challenges to do. Answers are on the last page.

Wednesday punctuation tasks

Reading: Today’s reading is another session from the Oak National Academy. Watch the clips within the timings below. 

Year 4: fact retrieval 

Watch between 1.24 to 13.45

Year 5: word meaning 

Watch between 2.05 to 16.06

Maths:  Today you must do the work assigned to your year group as year 4s will do some of this next year and we want to avoid repetition. 

Year 4 – we will be following some of the WhiteRose home learning activities. Click on the link and watch the clip called lesson 2 divide 1 digit by 10 then complete the sheet. You don’t need to watch the lesson if you feel confident and can just do the sheet. Remember to look at week 7
Wednesday lesson-2-Dividing-2-digits-by-10
Wednesday Lesson-2-Answers-Dividing-2-digits-by-10 answes

Year 5: Today you are comparing and ordering numbers. Use a place value grid if you need to.

Wednesday year 5 compare and order
Wednesday year 5 compare and order answers

Creative: Today you will be designing and drawing your very own rainforest animal. Think carefully about what type of features animals need to survive in a rainforest and which layer you would like your animal to live in! Also think about what colour you want your animal to be and why. Lastly, can you think of a name for your new animal?

You can either draw your animal in the space on the sheet attached below or on your own blank paper. Remember to send a picture of your completed animal to your class teacher!