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Literacy: Today we would like you to enjoy another Super Sentence Stacking session! Today’s clip is the short film by Pixar called’Piper’ 

All the instructions are on the clips

Sentence stacking demonstation:

Film clip Piper:

Reading: Because Literacy is slightly longer today we would like you to enjoy a free read. Why not share a book with a parent, brother or sister, pet or even a teddy bear?

Maths: Today is arithmetic as usual. Choose from the year 4 or year 5 paper. Answers are on the last page and the examples of methods can be found on the Home Learning tabs. There are no more full year 4 arithmetic papers so I’ve uploaded to half papers – you can do one or both.


Creative: For the next three days we will be learning all about rainforests! What do you already know about rainforests? Go through the information below about the different layers of a rainforest. We would like you to make some notes on the different layers as you will need them for tomorrow’s activity.

Layers of the rainforest 1

Layers of the rainforest 2