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Literacy: This week we will be creating some things for the children to keep to remember this period in time. You could keep the work from each day and put them in a time capsule or put them in a special box. Today complete the My Family and hands and paws pages. You might want to write something about them underneath. You don’t need to print – you could design and make your own version. Think about what you would like to remember and your future self to see when they open it up in 10 or 20 years time!!!

Time Capsule Activity Booklet

Reading: Today and tomorrow’s reading sessions are all about understanding vocabulary. Read the text aloud to a parent/sibling then have a go at answering the questions. To help I will post a powerpoint on Dojo which explains the types of questions you might be asked. 

Choose from the year 4 or year 5 text.
Year 4: Improving Your Reading Skills Vocabulary Victor – The Group

Year 5: Improving Your Reading Skills Vocabulary Victor – The Caravan

Maths:  Today you must do the work assigned to your year group as year 4s will do some of this next year and we want to avoid repetition. 

Year 4 – we will be following some of the week 4 WhiteRose home learning activities. Click on the link and watch the clip called lesson 1 multiplying and dividing problem solving then complete the sheet. You don’t need to watch the lesson if you feel confident and can just do the sheet. Remember to look at week 4!

Lesson 1 Correspondence problems 2019
Lesson 1 Answers Correspondence problems 2019

Year 5: Today we are looking at decimals and we will use the WhiteRose clips for the rest of the week. We were about to start this before Lockdown happened to you should watch the video first.  Look at Week 9 lesson 1.

Lesson 1 – Subtracting decimals with the same number of decimal places
Lesson 1 answers

Creative: Do you know what the Brazilian flag looks like? What colour is the flag and is there any detail? Use the image below to colour in the template of the flag. You can choose to create your own flag if you would prefer not to use the template. This can be done on paper or card and can be as creative as you like using materials from around the house!

Flag of Brazil - Wikipedia

Worksheet – Finishing the Flag