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Literacy: This week we will be creating some things for the children to keep to remember this period in time. You could keep the work from each day and put them in a time capsule or put them in a special box. Today complete the front cover and the first page called How I feel? You don’t need to print – you could design and make your own version. Think about what you would like to remember and your future self to see when they open it up in 10 or 20 years time!!!

Time Capsule Activity Booklet

Reading: Today we would like you to enjoy a free read. Why not share a book with a parent, brother or sister, pet or even a teddy bear?

Maths: Today is arithmetic as usual. Choose from the year 4 or year 5 paper. Answers are on the last page and the examples of methods can be found on the Home Learning tabs. There are no more full year 4 arithmetic papers so I’ve uploaded to half papers – you can do one or both.


Creative:┬áThink carefully about what you have learnt about Brazil so far. Today we would like you to complete this fact-file about Brazil. Use the Internet to complete any of the sections that you don’t know the answers to. Try and include as much detail as possible!