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Literacy and reading: Today’s poetry corner is a poem called  ‘Words Are Ours’ by Michael Rosen

Friday poetry corner week 4

Additional task (optional): You might also want to collect somethings you would like to put in your time capsule or you could make a capsule to put them in.

Maths:  Today you must do the work assigned to your year group as year 4s will do some of this next year and we want to avoid repetition. 

Year 4 – we will be following some of the week 4 WhiteRose home learning activities. Click on the link and watch the clip called lesson 4 area then complete the sheet. You don’t need to watch the lesson if you feel confident and can just do the sheet. Remember to look at week 4!

Lesson 4 Counting squares 2019
Lesson 4 Answers Counting squares 2019

Year 5: Today we are looking at decimals and we will use the WhiteRose clips for the rest of the week. We were about to start this before Lockdown happened to you should watch the video first.  Look at Week 9 lesson 4 divide decimals
Lesson 4 – Dividing decimals by 10 100 and 1000

Lesson 4 Answers -Dividing decimals by 10 100 and 1000

Creative PE: Think back to the different routines you have completed in PE. Today we would like you to plan and carry out your own routine. You can include any action you would like, including forward/backward rolls, star jumps, lunges etc. Practise your routine a few times, then video your final attempt. If you are really impressed with it, send the video to your class teacher!

Good luck!