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There is no literacy task today. Instead we would like you to enjoy the reading and creative tasks about VE day.

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Maths: Your task today is a practical one. Think back to yesterday’s work about nets. Can you find three 3D shapes in your house that can be unfolded? E.g. cereal boxes, cardboard packaging, toblerone etc. Your task is to carefully unfold the objects you have found and take a picture of its net. Below is an example of a picture you might take.






MC task: Can you draw the net of your object?

Reading: today we would like to you read about VE day and watch some clips from the day itself!

Creative: Today is an important day and as we can’t celebrate in school or even with those in our communities, we are dedicating today and tomorrow’s creative tasks to commemorate 75 years since VE day. You can you choose from any of the tasks, do 1 or 2 or do all of them! You could even create your own indoor street party with music from the time and an indoor picnic!

Why not learn the lyrics to We’ll Meet Again We’ll meet again lyrics or become a code-breaker like those in WW2 with this Code breaker activity?

Perhaps you could create some bunting and decorate your living room – here’s a blank template and a Union Jack one to colour in Blank buntingbunting

There’s a also a wordsearch to do too! wordsearch

Twinkl also has some war time recipes you might like to try with an adult’s help