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Literacy – this week we would like you to research and write a fact file all about life in Ancient Greek. The attached document gives instructions for each day!

Literacy 27th April to 1st May

Reading – today we would like you to read the Story of Icarus and Daedalus. Choose from the LC or MC version and questions. Remember to read aloud with an adult and to try you best with the names (Icarus = Ik/ar/us   Daedalus  = Day/da/lus)

Icarus LC
Icarus MC

Maths – Today we are going to continue looking at 2d shapes. Look closely at the different 2d shapes on the worksheet. Complete the grid by filling in the information about the shapes. Think back to what you have learnt recently.

properties of 2d shapes

Creative: This week’s creative tasks are linked to what we would have been learning about in science this term – Space!

Wednesday space lesson 3

Day and night activity sheet