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Literacy – this week we would like you to research and write a fact file all about life in Ancient Greek. The attached document gives instructions for each day!

Literacy 27th April to 1st May

Reading – today we would like you to read the story of Perseus and the Quest for Medusa’s Head. This is a longer story so there are no questions today. Make sure you read aloud with your adult!


Maths – Today we are going to be learning about different types of triangle. Use the information at the start of the worksheet to learn about the different types of triangle. Your task is to label the different triangles. The BBC Bitesize page is great too for an introduction to types of triangle – the video explains well! 

types of triangle

Creative: This week’s creative tasks are linked to what we would have been learning about in science this term – Space!

Lesson 4 The Phases of the moon

Activity 1 – phases of the moon

Activity 2 – waxing or waning Lesson 4 The Phases of the moon