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Literacy: today’s work is revision of punctuation. For LC we are revising commas and for the MC punctuation for parenthesis (pairs of brackets, dashes and commas around extra information). There is an answer sheet on the second page.

Wednesday commas and parenthesis

Reading: Today’s reading is an introduction to Greek Gods and Goddesses. Please read pages 1 and 2 only today (pages 3 and 4 are for tomorrow!) Reading this aloud with an adult will help you to understand.
Gods and Goddesses

Maths: Today we will be exploring lines of symmetry in different 2d shapes. Your task is to cut out each 2d shape on the worksheet and fold it in different ways so that it fits perfectly. Draw in a line of symmetry where the fold is. If you can’t print the worksheet, you could find some shapes around the house to draw around and cut them out.

Wednesday lines of symmetry

MC – Can you name the shapes, count the number of sides and work out if there is a pattern between the number of sides and number of lines of symmetry?

Creative: Today we would like you to pick one of the Greek Gods and Goddesses you have read about and research more about them. Take some notes about them.

Creative Tasks Wed, Thurs and Friday