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Here's is Monday's home learning. Again, just do what you can and we hope you enjoy learning about Ancient Greece!

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Literacy: today’s work is revision of past and present tense to be completed in exercise books or on paper. There is an extension for those wishing for a MC challenge. There is an answer sheet at the bottom of the document.
Monday tenses

Reading: Today we would like you to read an introduction about Ancient Greece from BBC Bitesize! Reading this aloud with an adult will help you to understand.

¬†Maths: Choose either the Year 4 or Year 5 arithmetic test to complete depending how confident you are feeling. You can do any working out in the boxes provided. The answers are at the end so you can mark them when you have finished to see how well you’ve done!

****Please note that on the answer sheet some answers are given in the simplest form e.g. 3/10 + 2/10 =5/10 but the answer sheet may say 1/2. That’s because 1/2 and 5/10 are equivalent (equal) fractions. Both are acceptable answers.

Monday arithmetic test year 5

Creative: History – Look at the picture clues – what do they tell you about life in Ancient Greece? No need to print – just draw the table or discuss with your adult.

Monday creative