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Literacy: today’s work is revision of sentences. Today’s work is similar to yesterday and we would like the children to experiment and play with sentences. There is no answer sheer for these. As usual there is an LC task and an MC task for the children to choose from. Friday sentences

Reading: Today’s reading is about Ancient Greek culture. Pay particular attention to the part about vases! Reading this aloud with an adult will help you to understand.

Maths: Today we will be looking at different types of angle. Use the information at the start of the worksheet to label the different types of angle.

Friday types of angle

MC – Can you name an angle that is greater than 180 degrees?

Creative: Today we would like the children to design and decorate their own Greek Vase. Pottery was an important part of Greek life and tells us much about what life was like. See the task document for more information about what we would like them to do. Children may use the templates document or draw their own!

Creative Tasks Wed, Thurs and Friday

Template – Greek Vase