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W/C 20th April

This week would have seen the start of our History topic on the Ancient Greeks. Over the next few weeks, we will be reading some Greek myths, learning about life in Ancient Greece, exploring Greek Gods and researching the Olympics. There will even be the chance to creature your own mythological beast and your own myth!
As always we will aim to cover a range of skills and there will be a mixture of art, DT, science, history and music to look forward to!
Maths will cover what we would have taught and there will be weekly arithmetic days to revise written and mental methods.

We hope you enjoy home learning and we appreciate you may not be able to do every task, every day. However, these are things we would really like you to make sure happen as often as possible:
- daily reading (an absolute must to ensure your child doesn't fall behind)
- regular times tables practice (Rockstars)
- regular practising of spelling lists (to follow)

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