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Literacy: Today we would like you to think about what makes people inspirational. Have a look at the inspirational people document and then research someone who is inspirational to you. This could be a sports person, musician, actor, artist etc. Complete the fact file and send us your pictures.

Inspirational people

Fact file template – Tuesday

Reading: This week is all about inspirational people and aspirations. Today we would like you to read about Dame Kelly Holmes. Choose from the 1/2/3 star questions. Kelly Holmes

Creative: To finish our Ancient Greek topic, this week’s creative tasks are all about the Olympics. 

Year 4 and 5 Mini Olympics


Maths: This week we will be focusing on adding up different amounts of money and working out the correct change. Today we will be adding different amounts of money together.

LC: Answer questions 1-4.

MC: Answer both pages of the worksheet.

Money Tuesday

Money answers