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Literacy: Today we would like you to think about your aspirations and begin to design an aspirations or dream board. Read the instructions carefully.

Thursday and Friday aspirations

Reading: Today’s reading task is about an inspirational musician. Watch the clip first then answer the questions. Answers are provided on the last page.

Thursday reading

Maths: Today we will be looking at working out the correct amount of change. There will be two steps. You will need to add the cost of the items together first and then calculate the difference on a numberline to work out the correct amount of change. Also attached is a document with examples of the best method for this.

Giving change LC Thursday

Giving change MC Thursday

LC answers Thursday


Method: Calculating change

Creative: To finish our Ancient Greek topic, this week’s creative tasks are all about the Olympics. We would like you to host a week of mini Olympic activities. 

Year 4 and 5 Mini Olympics