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Literacy: Today we would like you to continue with your aspirations work from yesterday. Read the instructions carefully.

Thursday and Friday aspirations

Reading: Today’s reading task is about an inspirational man called Martin Luther King. Read with an adult and discuss why he was so inspirational. Choose from the 1/2/3 star text and questions.

Martin Luther King.

Maths: We will be continuing with calculating the correct change today. Today’s worksheets are similar to yesterday’s but with larger numbers for you to practise your calculations. Remember to add the amounts first then find the change by doing subtraction on a numberline – see the method sheet below for help.

giving change LC Friday

giving change MC friday

LC answers Friday

MC answers Friday

Method: Calculating change

Creative: To finish our Ancient Greek topic, this week’s creative tasks are all about the Olympics. We would like you to host a week of mini Olympic activities. 

Year 4 and 5 Mini Olympics