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Literacy: This week we would like you to use your planning from last week to write your Greek Myth. Here is an instruction sheet for the week with an example at the end. There’s also a word bank attached. 

Literacy instructions wc 11th May

Greek Myth Word Mat

Wednesday – which boxes from your plan you need for your writing today Wednesday paragraph

Reading: For the rest of the week, we would like you to enjoy an audio book from Audible. Aim for 20-30 minutes per day or more if you wish! You can listen to as many as you wish!
Choose from:
Evie and the Jungle by Matt Haig (4/5O read Evie and the Animals before we broke up!) – just over an hour long
Kid Normal by Greg James and Chris Smith (read by them too!) approx 6hrs 30mins long
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling and read by Stephen Fry – approx 9hrs 30mins long

Maths: Today we will be learning all about coordinates. Start by watching the BBC clip to learn all about coordinates. Choose either the LC or MC depending on how confident you are feeling.

Reading coordinates LC

Reading coordinates MC Wednesday

Answers – LC answers MC answers

Creative: Start by re-watching the video about numbers and colours from last week – sing along if you would like to! Your task today is to produce a poster about either the numbers or the colours. Your poster must include both Spanish and English words, as well as pictures.  Focus on presentation and send a picture of your finished poster to your class teacher!