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Literacy: This week we would like you to use your planning from last week to write your Greek Myth. Here is an instruction sheet for the week with an example at the end. There’s also a word bank attached. 

Literacy instructions wc 11th May

Greek Myth Word Mat

Paragraph guide Monday – which boxes from the plan are the opening and build up Paragraph guide

Reading: Today we would like you to read about a myth that isn’t Greek but something closer to home. Choose from the LC or MC text and questions.

LC Loch Ness MC Loch Ness

Loch Ness Answers

Maths: Choose the Year 4 or Year 5 arithmetic test depending on how confident you are feeling.



Creative: We are going to continue practising the Spanish that we have learnt in school. Quickly recap the numbers from 1 – 10 on the first page. Your task is to complete the word search and find the different numbers. Good luck!