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Literacy: Today’s literacy is revision of sentences again. This is a slightly shorter activity as today’s reading is longer and important. Choose from LC or MC . There are no answers as children will create different ideas.
Wednesday sentences

Reading: today we are going to try out an online reading lesson from the Oak National Academy. These focus on reading skills and answering questions. It takes a bit of navigating so an adult may be needed to help you – no need to do the start/end quizzes and you can skip these. Parents please let Mrs Oldrini know what you think of the lesson and how your child coped with it. Choose from year 4 or year 5. The learning today will be revised in our reading task tomorrow.

Year 4 – timings – please start the video clip at 1.42 and finish at 16.08 – your focus today is word meanings

Year 5 timings – please start the video clip at 2.51 and finish at 18.40 – your focus today is fact retrieval.

Maths: Again do the work from your year group so year 4s don’t repeat work when they go into year 5

Year 4: watch the lesson 2 video from the link and have a go at the challenge sheet. Again if you feel confident don’t watch the clip. 

Yr 4 lesson 2 subtract fractions answers Yr 4 Lesson 2 subtract fractions

Year 5: today you are revising numbers to 6 digits

Numbers to 100,000

Yr 5 numbers to 100,000 answers


Creative: For the next three days you will be building up to making your own piece of work all about Brazil. You can choose to create a fact-file, poster or PowerPoint presentation. Start thinking which one you would like to create. In order to make this we need to learn a bit more about Brazil. Go through the information about Brazil (below) and make as many notes as you like. Keep your notes safe as you will need them for your information on Friday!

Brazil Information 1

Brazil Information 2