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Literacy: today’s task is grammar revision of word classes based on the film we watched yesterday called ‘The Blue Umbrella’. Answers are on the second page. Work on paper or in your exercise book!
 Tuesday Grammar
Reading: today’s reading is all about South America linked to our topic. Choose from the LC or MC task. Answers are on the last page. 

LC South America
MC South America

Maths: Today you must do the work assigned to your year group as year 4s will do some of this next year and we want to avoid repetition. 

Year 4 – we will be following some of the WhiteRose home learning activities. Click on the link and watch the clip called lesson 1 add 2 or more fractions then complete the sheet. You don’t need to watch the lesson if you feel confident and can just do the sheet.

Yr 4 lesson 1 add fractions
Yr 4 lesson 1 add fractions answers

Year 5: today you will be revising reading and writing numbers to 6 digits. There is a place value mat attached to help you. Remember numerals means write it in digits/numbers.

Year 5 answers
Year 5 read and write numbers
reading and writing number mat

Creative: For the rest of the week we will be focusing on the country Brazil.  Below there is a blank map and outline of Brazil. Again, use Google Maps (or an Atlas if you have one) to locate and label any cities in Brazil. You can record where they are on the sheet below. To get you started, can you find Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo?

Outline of Brazil

Challenge – can you find and label any rivers on your map?