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Literacy: Today we are going to try Super Sentence Stacking again, writing another chunk from ‘The Blue Umbrella’. Read the instruction page clearly and the link to the video is on the page.
Thursday super sentence stackers

Reading: Today we are going to practise the skills we learned in the lesson yesterday. Read about Frida Kahlo a Mexican artist but someone who has links with Latin America then answer the questions. Again choose from the questions linked to the lesson from yesterday or do both!

Frida Kahlo
Reading questions Frida Kahlo

Maths: again do the work from the year group you are in so year 4 don’t repeat work in year 5.

Year 4: watch the lesson 3 clip and complete the challenge sheet.
Yr 4 Lesson-3-Fractions-of-a-quantity-
Yr 4 Lesson-3-Answers-Fractions-of-a-quantity

Year 5: today you are learning about numbers up to 1 million. Use the mat again to help you.
Yr 5 Numbers to 1 million
Yr 5 Numbers to 1 million answers
reading and writing number mat

Creative: Today we are going to add extra information to our notes about Brazil. Look at the notes you made yesterday. Use the Internet to explore and learn more about Brazil. When you learn something new, you can add extra information to your notes.

Think about researching the following areas:

  • Climate / landscape
  • Food and drink
  • People
  • Famous landmarks
  • Language
  • History