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Literacy: Every Monday we will be watching a clip and having a go at ‘Super Sentence Stacking’ which is a fancy name for creative writing. This is an idea from a teacher called Jane Considine who is also a literacy consultant and you will meet her in the videos. You need to watch the clips in order. No need to follow the time instructions as some clips were from March/April.

Today’s clip is the Pixar short film ‘The Blue Umbrella’! I loved watching it and hope you do too.

  1. Intro clip

2. Flm clip

3. Creative writing session

Reading: as the literacy task is longer today, we would like you to do some free reading – this could be a book, magazine, comic, recipe, left let or an article from Newsround online.

Maths: Today’s maths is arithmetic as usual. Choose from year 4 or 5 – whichever you feel comfortable with. Answers are at the end and use the arithmetic methods tab on the home learning page for examples and step by step instructions if you are struggling. Message Mrs Oldrini or Mr Clark if you need any further help.



Creative: This week’s creative tasks will all be about South America and Brazil. How many countries can you name that are in the continent of South America? Use Google Maps (or even an atlas if you have one!) to name and label as many countries in South America as you can. There is a blank map below to record what you have found.

Map of South America

Challenge – Label any capital cities of any of the different countries that you find.