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Year 4/5 Class Page

Welcome to the Year 4/5 class page.
Our teachers are Miss Valentine and Mrs Adams

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Autumn 1 – Active Lifestyles!
Whole school topic: Wellbeing

Our main whole school topic area this term is ‘Wellbeing’ and most of our subject areas will be based around this. In Year 4/5 we will also be focusing on ‘Active Lifestyles’ and how these contribute to our wellbeing.


We will be reading ‘The Fastest Boy in the World’ by Elizabeth Laird. We will then be studying Information Texts and Instructional texts and will be writing our own healthy recipes.

At home, your child could practise writing their own imaginative stories at length. Please also listen to your child read five times per week.


This term we will be practising and applying skills related to place value and mental addition. The children will secure their understanding of 3-digit numbers and will develop an understanding of 4-digit numbers. They will be able to apply this understanding when solving a range of problems.

Please practise times tables weekly and use Times Table Rockstars regularly.

Poppy showing she is really mastering counting in multiples!


This half-term, the children will be learning about Animals including Humans.  We will construct and interpret a variety of food chains and identify producers, predators and prey. Also, we will be describing the simple functions of the basic parts of the digestive system in humans and identifying the different types of teeth in humans and their simple functions.

An investigation into the effects of different drinks on our tooth enamel!


In Computing, we will be learning how to use search engines effectively and appropriately to find specific information. We will be able to identify how we use the internet and the many services it can offer.

At home, you could practise using children’s search engines, such as Google Safe Search!


In our RE lessons, we will be discussing the question: ‘What can we learn from religions about what is right and wrong?’

The main religions we will be studying in this unit are Christianity and Judaism. We will be learning about the Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes and how these can provide guidance that people follow to help them live their lives.

At home, you could discuss your own and others’ ideas about how people decide right and wrong.


The children will be learning the skills of Invasion Games. They will be learning skills associated with attacking and defending, such as running, jumping, throwing and catching. The children will be developing these skills individually, in pairs, in groups and then applying them in team games.

Swimming will take place for year 4 children this year.

Please ensure PE kits are in school all week with labelled items of clothing.

We have been looking at different kinds of throwing and catching and how different throws and catches are appropriate in different situations.


Our whole-school topic this half-term is ‘Wellbeing’. Children will be learning all about the mental and physical benefits of an active lifestyle and the importance of building regular exercise into daily routines. They will also learn about the risks of an inactive lifestyle.


We have been exploring how ‘Earthing’ activities can connect us with nature and how this can be beneficial for our mental health.

As part of our Outdoor Learning, we have explored how team games can build our team work skills and help develop healthy relationships.

Come back soon for details of our sponsored fitness event in the last week of half term!