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Tuesday changing tenses

Tuesday past tense verbs word mat

Tuesday answers


Use play dough or cocktail sticks and blue tac to have a go at making the 3D shapes that we learnt the names of yesterday. Play the 3D shapes loop cards game and then complete the properties of 3D shape sheet.

Tuesday pop-stick-3d-shapes-cards-_ver_4 Tuesday-3D-Shape-Properties-Loop-Cards_ver_3 (1) Tuesday-Properties-of-3D-Shapes-Activity-Sheet_ver_13

Creativity topic

Go outside into your garden/ outdoor space; take a sketch book and some colours.

Close your eyes – what nature sounds can you hear?

Create a mind map using pictures to sketch what you hear. How many different bird calls can you hear? Can you hear water? What sounds does the weather make?

Create expanded noun phrases for each of the sounds – use WOW adjectives.

Join your ideas together to create a nature poem.

Illustrate it with images from your mind map.