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Read the poetry booklet (on Class Dojo) then answer the questions. The answer booklet is to be used afterwards to check your understanding.

Monday answers

Monday poetry questions


Monday tenses


Use the posters to learn about the vocabulary associated with 3D shape. Play the 3D shape loop game to familiarise yourself with the shape names. (You can play this throughout the week if you need to.) Play a game with the cards matching the shape to its properties.

Monday – 3d-shape-to-word-loop-cards_ver_1 Monday – 3Dshape-vocabulary-word-mat-_ver_5 Monday -3d-shape-matching-cards-_ver_1

Creativity topic

Go on a nature walk.

Using the tree and plant identification sheets, see how many of them you can spot.

( I took the children around the park and QEGS fields and found lots).

Collect samples for your own nature diary or create a journey stick


Look around – Which birds and animals can you spot?

Can you see any signs of bird or animal habitats?


Spend some time sitting barefoot on the grass – How does it feel on your toes?

Learn how to make a daisy chain together