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Read the Summer poems with a parent. What did you like/dislike about them? Which is your favourite poem? Why?

Friday summer poems


Then complete the grammar and punctuation test

Friday Year 3 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 5


Week 6 Friday spelling


Choose a selection of 3D shape nets to make and create a display of your own identifying their properties. Use the vocabulary in the poster from Monday to describe your shape.

T2-M-387-Cube-Net-3d-Shape-Net-Activity-Sheet T2-M-2093-Pentagonal-Prism-3d-Shape-Net-Activity-Sheet T2-M-2094-Hexagonal-Prism-3d-Shape-Net-Activity-Sheet T2-M-2095-Octagonal-Prism-3d-Shape-Net-Activity-Sheet T2-M-2099-Triangular-Prism-3D-shape-net-Activity-Sheet T2-M-2101-Heptagonal-Prism-3D-Shape-Net-Activity-Sheet T-N-707-Tetrahedron-3D-Shape-Net-Activity-Sheet T-N-708-Octahedron-3D-Shape-Net-Activity-Sheet T-N-709-Icosahedron-3D-Shape-Net-Activity-Sheet T-N-2242-Cylinder-3D-Shape-Net-Activity-Sheet t-n-2243-Cuboid-3D-Shape-Net-Activity-Sheet T-N-2367-Dodecahedron-3D-Shape-Net-Activity-Sheet T-N-4750-Cone-3D-Shape-Net-Activity-Sheet

Creativity topic

Have a walk in the woods – We enjoy walking through Bradley Woods!

How are the plants and animals different here to the park and the riverbank?

Can you find anything new for your nature diary?

Collect a few twigs for nature weaving – you can do this in the woods or take them home!

You could make some of the shapes that we have been learning about and nature weave inside them: