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Home learning 20/04/20

This week we will be starting our new topic - Sporting Stars!
I have based the week's learning around the Ancient Greek Olympics.

Our maths work will be studying the objectives related to telling the time, different children will need to start in different places so read the overview carefully and spend Monday finding out where your child needs to start and move on from there. We enjoyed making the flower petal clock to help us when we started to learn to tell the time at home. We then used the clock to help us throughout the week.

More pages in this section

Maths summer 1 – maths overview

newspaper template

Subordinate Clauses Differentiated Activity Sheets

Wanted poster

Week 3 home learning – overview


Julie’s Learning:



letter and tasks

solve these problems




I hope the learning this week is going well and you are managing to get out in the sunshine.

These websites might help you with your Ancient Greek Olympic learning tomorrow –

Have a go at this website to reinforce what you have already learned about telling the time-

‘Stop the clock’ is a great game!

This is another one but is not as exciting –

If you are tired of Joe Wicks and cosmic yoga to keep fit, here is a kids dance workout –

For those of you who have always wanted to try Russian dancing, you could try this one 😉


Ancient Olympic Boardgame  – Have a go at this if you have any time today.

When you are planning your newspaper article tomorrow, try to include some of the features that we have looked at in GAPS over the last few weeks – subordinate clauses, expanded noun phrases, adverbs. Send me a close up photo of your beautiful writing on Friday. Impress me! 🙂



I’ll be announcing the ‘home learner of the week’ later this evening – I’ll leave it until around seven just in case you’d like to send me pictures of today’s learning.

Use this website to gather some hints and tips for writing a newspaper report