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Home learning 18/5/20

This week I have based our learning on challenging ourselves and our own aspirations.
We have spent several weeks learning about sporting events and sporting stars, now I would like us to think about what we can achieve.
To start the day, I have provided a link to Ashbourne Elim Church's 'Challenge Dave' page. These are challenges especially set up for primary school children over lockdown to relieve the boredom, they are hilarious and often have me in stitches when trying them out! PLEASE send me photos and videos of these to entertain me over the week.
In reading, I have found examples of people who are inspirational in many different ways for us to learn about. Don't worry about recording for the reading comprehension activities, just talk it through with an adult.
Finally, I have added some topic work based upon one of our favourite Saturday night shows in the Thornley household: 'In For a Penny, In For a Grand.' Children will create their own game show and take part in challenges created for them. Hopefully, after some research and a few 'Challenge Dave' attempts you can entertain me with some wild and wonderful photos and ideas.
Have fun!