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Reading – 

Read the next chapter of J K Rowling’s new story – the Ickabog with an adult

Literacy – 

Write sentences about the Egyptian gods and goddesses using comparative conjunctions.

Wednesday comparative conjunctions

Maths – 

Complete the shape bingo activity below. There is a shape word mat to help you with the names of 2D shapes.

Talk about the properties of the shapes as you call them – I’m holding a shape which has……..

wed shape mat

Wed maths boards wed maths shapes cards for caller

Ancient Egyptians – 

View the Wednesday topic PowerPoint

Then complete:

Papyrus paper craft activity:

( Just use what you have around the house for this task. You could use plain paper and stain it with tea bags if you do not have a brown paper bag. If you have no PVA, use flour and water glue. Remember to send me a photo!)

Papyrus paper craft