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Year 3 Class Page

Welcome to our class page.
Our teacher is Miss. Mochor

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Autumn 1 – Wellbeing

This half-term, our whole school topic is Wellbeing. In Year 3, our class topics are India and Mindfulness.

In our PSHE lessons, we will be looking at Mental Wellbeing, Friendships and Health. We will be able to identify our emotions and talk about these. We will be learning about mindfulness and the children will practise some meditation techniques. We will also be thinking about the health benefits of regular physical activity and discussing how we can fit this into our daily routines.

In Geography, we will be studying India. To begin, the children will be using atlases to locate the UK and India. They will be looking at cities and landmarks within India, such as Mumbai and the Taj Mahal. The children will be studying the questions, what are the physical and human features of India? What are the differences and similarities between India and Britain? What are lives like for rich and poor people in India? They will be using the internet, books, atlases and photographs to find information to answer these questions. Our art work is also linked to our Geography. The children will be learning drawing and printing techniques linked to India. For example, we will be studying buildings like the Taj Mahal and looking at Indian patterns, in particular Rangoli patterns. The children will investigate different ways of printing and designing their own templates.

At the end of the half-term, we will be having an India themed Topic Day! We will be taking part in a Bhangra workshop, making some Indian food, learning some Indian games and much more!

In PE, the children will be learning the skills of Throwing and Catching.  They will be developing these skills individually, in pairs and in groups.


Geography – Looking at the Human and Physical Features of India. PSHE – Learning how we can take care of our own mental wellbeing. Art – Sketching sections of the Taj Mahal.


Design and Technology – Planning, Designing and Making our own Photo Frames! Outdoor Learning – Working as a team! India Topic Day – Bhangra Dancing Workshop!


Autumn 2 – Communication

This half-term, our whole school topic is Communication. In Year 3, our class topic is Ancient Egypt.



Times Table Rock Stars!

The children will be using Times Table Rockstars this year! They will have their own usernames and passwords to access this. TT Rockstars is part of our compulsory home learning at Ashbourne Primary. More details can be found on the Homework tab above.