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Year 3 Class Page

Welcome to our class page.
Our teacher is Miss. Mochor

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Summer 1 – Creativity

This half-term, our whole school topic is Creativity. In Year 3, our Geography topic is Raging Rivers!


Our class text this half-term is ‘The Tin Forest’ by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson. We will be basing our narrative writing on this as we learn and develop our writing skills. We will be writing our own imaginative story based on this book where we will be creating our very own dream settings! We will also be learning the skills of letter writing so we can write a letter to a friend inviting them to visit the forest from the story and we will be writing a Haiku poem all about rivers!


Our Geography topic this half term is ‘Raging Rivers’. We will be using atlases to locate major rivers around the world and within the UK. We will be looking at the physical features of rivers, including how they are formed, as well as the human features of rivers, such as how rivers are used by humans and animals. We will also be visiting our local river to carry out a fieldwork study!


In our PSHE lessons this half-term, we will be covering our RSE curriculum. In year 3, we have 3 main objectives to cover:

  • Understanding how babies grow and develop and what a baby needs to grow.
  • Identifying the internal and external changes in our bodies at puberty.
  • Recognising stereotypical ideas about family life.


We will study the work of Henri Rousseau. We will learn skills in colour mixing, brush techniques, sketching, using different pencil grades and using techniques in paints, pastels and chalks. We will then use our skills to create a ‘big picture’ piece of art work where we will each create our own section of one of Henri Rousseau’s paintings to then put together as a class piece of art work to display in our whole-school Art Gallery.


In PE, the children will be learning the skills of Dance and Rounders. We will be taking part in ‘Ashbourne Primary School’s Dance Festival’ where the theme is Creativity!


In our RE lessons, we will be discussing the question: ‘Why are festivals important to religious communities?’ We will be thinking about what is worth celebrating and how we celebrate, as well as Christian and Hindu celebrations. We will be understanding that people can have different views and religions and it is important to respect these.

Spring 2 – Welcome back to school!

We spent the first two weeks of this half term in lockdown. Children continued their learning either in school or via the three live lessons a day on Microsoft Teams. We were all very excited to come back to school on 8th March!


Spring 1 – Lockdown!

This has been a little bit of a strange half term, as we have all been back in lockdown! Children in Year 3 were either learning in school or at home via Microsoft Teams for our three live lessons a day. Our attendance online has been excellent and the children have worked so hard, both at home and in school.

Our History topic this half-term was the Stone Age. We learnt lots of interesting things about the Stone Age, such as what they ate. We created our very own ‘Savage Stone Age Menus’ at home and at school! We also Read Stone Age Boy and How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth in our Literacy lessons. We had a great time writing our own instructions for How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth!

Autumn 2 – Communication

This half-term, our whole school topic is Communication. In Year 3, our class topic is Ancient Egypt.


Our class text this half-term is ‘Jack Stalwart – The Mission to Find Max’ by Elizabeth Singer Hunt. We will be basing our narrative writing on this as we learn and develop our writing skills. We will also be writing an Information text and a shape poem all about Egypt!


Our PSHE theme this half-term is ‘Staying Safe’. As part of this, we will be supporting Anti-Bullying week. We will understand what bullying is, where we could go for help and advice, how we can unite against bullying and also how and why we are unique. We will also be learning about Online Communication this half-term in our Online Safety unit. We will be looking at how we can stay safe online, including rules for safe internet use and online communication. 


In History, we will learn about Ancient Egyptian society, religion and every day life using photographic evidence, artefacts and video clips. The children will understand when Ancient Egypt occurred in history. We will look at hieroglyphics and will also look at how and why the Egyptians mummified their dead. The children will have the opportunity to follow the mummification rituals themselves!! Our art work is also linked to Ancient Egypt. The children will be creating their own Egyptian style portrait of themselves.


In PE, the children will be learning the skills of Outdoor Adventurous Activities (OAA). We will be learning how to solve a variety of problems as a team, making sure we use our Communication skills!


In Science, we will be learning about light, dark and shadows. The children will find out how shadows are caused and investigate different strengths of shadow. We will record our predictions, results and conclusions. 


History – Ancient Egyptian artefacts.

PSHE – Online Safety.

PE – Outdoor Adventurous Activities. Solving problems as a team.


Science – Investigating Light and Shadows.

Poetry Festival – Learning a poem to perform! Art – Drawing and painting an Egyptian style self-portrait.

Autumn 1 – Wellbeing

This half-term, our whole school topic was Wellbeing. In Year 3, our class topics were India and Mindfulness.


Our class text this half-term was ‘Grandpa Chatterji’ by Jamila Gavin. We based our narrative writing on this as we learnt and developed our writing skills. We also wrote a recipe for the ‘Indian Butter Biscuits’ we made on our India Topic Day!


In our PSHE lessons, we looked at Mental Wellbeing, Friendships and Health. We were able to identify our emotions and talk about these. We learnt about mindfulness and the children practised some meditation techniques. We also thought about the health benefits of regular physical activity and discussed how we can fit this into our daily routines.


In Geography, we studied India. We used atlases to locate the UK and India, major cities and important landmarks. The children studied the questions, what are the physical and human features of India? What are the differences and similarities between India and Britain? What are lives like for rich and poor people in India? They used the internet, books, atlases and photographs to find information to answer these questions. Our art work was also linked to our Geography. The children learnt drawing and printing techniques linked to India.


At the end of the half-term, we had an India themed Topic Day! We took part in a traditional Bhangra workshop, made some Indian food, learnt some games they play in India and much more!


In PE, the children learnt the skills of Throwing and Catching.  They developed these skills individually, in pairs and in groups.


Geography – Looking at the Human and Physical Features of India. PSHE – Learning how we can take care of our own mental wellbeing. Art – Indian Block Printing


Design and Technology – Planning, Designing and Making our own Photo Frames! Outdoor Learning – Working as a team! India Topic Day – Bhangra Dancing Workshop!



Times Table Rock Stars!

The children will be using Times Table Rockstars this year! They will have their own usernames and passwords to access this. TT Rockstars is part of our compulsory home learning at Ashbourne Primary. More details can be found on the Homework tab above.