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Wider opening of schools

29th May 2020

Dear Parents,

After receiving conflicting guidance from the Local Authority, we are now able to go ahead as planned with our small group provision for year 6 from 10th June. This is alongside our provision for pupils in the key worker/vulnerable/SEN group.

Our thinking has had to take careful account of staff, parents and children, as we seek to ensure that what we are being asked to do can be carried out as safely and effectively as possible.  Every school will have a different approach as all schools have a variety of layouts, different sized rooms, toilets and corridors, and ‘pinch points.’  Therefore, there can be no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

We have worked hard to take account of: the staff we have available to work; the space we have to work in; the rigorous safety measures that we need to implement to try to avoid catching the virus and passing it on; the emotional wellbeing of our children and staff.  Although the Government guidance forms the basis for our planning, final decisions have been (and will continue to be) made that are best for our children, staff and wider communities. I know that everyone involved will want to work together to ensure the safest possible working conditions for everyone

Risk assessments are in place, rooms measured and furniture rearranged to take into account the 2-metre distancing rule. There will be 1 table and 1 chair per child and there will be no movement around the room in order to reduce any risk of contact and maintain social distancing.

There are staggered start and end times to the school day, staggered breaks and lunches to ensure the safety of pupils.

At present, we are still unable to accommodate any pupils from other year groups. We will continue to provide Home Learning on our school website but as the staff will be teaching in school all week, they may be slower to respond to your messages on dojo. Thank you for completing the home learning survey. 83% of parents think the amount of home learning is about the right amount and 86% feel it is important. If you are finding it difficult to motivate your child or are finding any aspect difficult, please do get in touch. We are still here to help.

Kind regards,

Paula Whysall